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Djamali Jones

Game Programmer

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I live in the Netherlands and I'm a young man that loves video games and loves making them. I first got into video games at a pretty young age, but never thought that I could make them myself. I started programming in 2013 when I got my high school degree. I've got the power to create new worlds and stories. By showing people first hand and getting them to follow their stories and solve their problems. To get people to play through the stories you wrote and explore the worlds you created is an amazing feeling and I'm proud to call myself a creator.
Furthermore, in my spare time I like to play video games (as mentioned before), make music, make short videos(with special effects and all that), draw, play Dungeons & Dragons and just write stories from time to time.

If you want to contact me. Head over to my contact page or click a link in the footer below.

And you can also take a look at my curriculum vitae right here.