Bridge Trolls

Party Game
C# (in Unity)
In Progress (Polish)
PC Game
May 13th, 2016

Bridge Trolls is a 2-8 player party game where goblins try to annoy the troll by running to and fro his bridge. Play as a Goblin and annoy the troll as much as you can. Or take on the role of the Troll and show those pesky goblins what for. As Troll, you can turn their own against them. Goblins, keep moving or you might die by pointy things.

I was responsible for the Game Modes and Mechanics. I also made the menus and controller support.
I'm also planning on creating AI for a possible Single Player Mode.

(This game is to be refactored and cleaned up.)
(There will also be a download available when you click the 'GAME' button.)

Djamali Jones,
Kevin Boogaard,
Collin Loot
Niels de Ruijter,
Frank Wester,
NoŽl Karremans,
Lorenzo Koning,
Sabrina Rahali
Media Manager
Steven Lust